1-on-1 Private Sessions

Private yoga therapy sessions empower you to discover simple yoga-based practices that can be incorporated into your lifestyle to enhance your overall health and wellbeing. Yoga is not a one-size-fits all modality. Therefore, the yoga therapy model of health takes into consideration every aspect of a person’s life, rather than only looking at one symptom or condition in isolation. Additionally, yogic philosophy recognizes that when we have trouble in one aspect of our health (e.g. back pain), it will manifest in other areas of our lives as well (e.g. mood, breathing patterns, social interactions, etc.). For this reason, yoga therapy takes a holistic individual-centered approach to health to address your needs at every level.

Initial Consultation:

During this 90-minute session we will discuss your history and lifestyle, any relevant conditions, injuries, or symptoms you may be experiencing, and the reasons you are pursuing yoga therapy. The consultation also includes a physical evaluation to determine where musculoskeletal imbalance may be present in your body. This evaluation involves looking at your posture and habitual movement patterns, as well as the testing of key muscle groups that may be contributing to areas of pain or discomfort. Additionally, we will assess your breathing pattern as dysfunctional breathing can greatly affect our experience at the physical, mental, and emotional levels. Taking all of this into account, we will develop specific and attainable yoga therapy goals that will guide our work together. Following the first session, I will provide you with a personalized plan of care. This is a home practice that you can do between sessions to help you achieve your goals.

Follow-Up Sessions:

Like the world around us, we are dynamic and always changing. Therefore, what we need from our yoga practice is likely to shift overtime. Follow-up sessions are an important part of the process as they allow an opportunity to track progression, discuss what is working and adapt what is not. Most individuals benefit from 6 weekly/biweekly sessions in the beginning followed by maintenance sessions overtime as needed.

Home Practice:

Throughout our work together, we will design and adapt home practice plans for you to do between sessions. These plans can be as short or in-depth as you see fit and will be designed to support your goals. Home practice is a key aspect of yoga therapy. It empowers you to make the practice your own and to do the work necessary to see results.

If price is keeping you from achieving your wellness goals - please do not hesitate to reach out to us. At Explore, we believe that cost should not keep anyone from leading a healthy and happy life and we are available to talk through affordable options via email or our contact form.


Follow-up Sessions

Therapist Responsibility:

To obtain certification by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, yoga therapists undergo extensive training to work safely with individuals with a wide variety of health conditions. Quality and appropriateness of care is my number one responsibility. If I feel at any time that you would benefit from the care of another wellness or healthcare professional, I will let you know and make an appropriate referral. This includes referral to another yoga therapist when necessary.

Client Responsibility:
Please keep the lines of communication open and make me aware of any changes to your health or condition. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so within 24-hours. Failure to do so may result in a 50% service charge.