Deep Relaxation: Grounding Amidst Uncertainty – Finding Comfort & Connection Within – Workshop Recording


Cost – $18 (includes class video and yoga nidra meditation recording) *Purchase available through 12/18. Recording expires 12/25

The holidays are a time for connection, joy, and hope. Yet, many of us are facing challenges and difficult emotions that make these feelings seem distant and unattainable. Deep Relaxation is a practice designed to help you pause to acknowledge your fears and worries while tapping into a space of comfort and connection within. This 90-minute practice uses gentle poses, restorative yoga, reflection, and yoga nidra to promote contentment and the remembrance that within each of us lies a place of great equanimity, peace, strength.

This class is designed to diminish tension and tightness, while cultivating peace, calm, and wellbeing to bring you into a space of deep relaxation. Gentle movement is used to ground the mind and prepare the body for rest. Restorative poses foster inner awareness and help the body to find comfort and release. Yoga Nidra, often referred to as yogic sleep, is a meditation technique to systematically bring ease and stillness to both body and mind. Please join me for this peaceful and healing journey!